Opinion and Review : GTA V for PC

GTA V for PC Review – How would it be, a game that is equally present in different devices provide different playing experience . That is what is perceived when tested GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) for the PC. Experience tested this game on the PC desktop like experience playing new and different than playing GTA V on other consoles.

How the actual game on the PC GTA V release on 14 April 2015 this? WE will  discuss  in this review. This GTA V PC article  is to help you who are curious about the game that many PC gamers look forward to it.



GTA V is not really a new game, it was born in 2015. The game is actually present at the 17 September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The next year, precisely on November 18, 2014, GTA V is present in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. New in 2015, Rockstar as the developer to bring this game to the PC. Rockstar’s previous decision could make PC gamers embarrassed.  But, Rockstar argued that the old release for the PC is actually done more to repair the display so as to make the gaming experience becomes different.

Gameplay and Level

Try out this game like feel the atmosphere of playing GTA San Andreas. It also strengthened against the background of this game, namely Los Santos, one of the three cities in the region on the San Andreas San Andreas game. But the neighborhood, the view of the city, and the locations of Los Santos in GTA V is changing. Great change of course is a more spectacular city views. You can go arround the city with three options playable characters alternately or sometimes focus on one particular character. You are also given the freedom to explore different places, playing golf, riding a motorcycle, met with various characters, commit criminal acts freely, even commit robbery plan. Arguably, illegal actions in this game is very exciting, better than GTA IV and GTA San Andreas.

One reason why Grand Theft Auto V to be very interesting is about a third character. The third character is Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. All three are not present as the only playable character only. All three have a strong background and even the relationship between the characters make this game not just bring incredible gameplay but also a strong story.

Michael De Santa example. He was a middle-aged who are depressed due to family problems. Clinton, the young man who wants to find his way in the realm of criminal. And Trevor Philips, a psychopath who used a co-worker Michael. The presence of all three of these characters also make GTA V has a storyline that can be seen from various viewpoints. The story is also very heavy weights because they contain various allusions to social and political issues. This means developers think  GTA V not only a matter of criminal acts but also embed messages by wrapping a slick story in it.

Do not forget you can just meet other protagonists when was walking around Los Santos. If this happens, you will be treated with a certain chatter is obviously very interesting to follow. See how dynamic the Grand Theft Auto V is often impressed me this game could be released in machines as old as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and can fit in a piece of Blu-ray only.



GTA V for PC take  longer released is about optimizing graphics. The game developers want to bring the experience of playing GTA V with a capable graphics settings. And it was later proven through GTA V PC graphics ciamik with visual visual settings. The visual appearance is presented with a resolution of 1080p is very captivating and indulgent eye. In fact, the texture  sharper than GTA V for Playstation console 4. Interestingly, Rockstar allow graphics cards that only support DirectX 10 to run this game. indeed a decision that is pretty good, especially for older PC users. In addition, to strengthen the image sharpness, GTA V PC allows you to disable FXAA anti-aliasing and MSAA at once. VGA users Cad NVIDI could even enable anti-aliasing NVIDIA TXAA as a top priority. Then, the type of graphics card is required to run this game? for the purposes of the specification needs GTA V PC, the following details of the specifications required.

gtttaa vga


In gameplay, GTA V PC is not all that much different from the gameplay GTA V version of the console. It’s just good graphic display and several additional features that increase makes the game GTA V for PC better than GTA V in the console. PC gamers long waiting paid off with a game that is more fun than the console version. Which may be somewhat regrettable from this is GTA V PCgame that reaches capacity 65GB. Regardless, Salute Oto Rockstar as the game developers who bring a new gaming experience.  I have another information, for GTA 5 PC you can use GTA 5 HACK too available on the net, it can generate money and reputation for your gta 5 account, enjoy it :)


10 PC Game Developer Will show off at E3 2015


International class gaming arena Electronic Entertainment Expo, or more commonly called E3 will be held soon,  or rather in mid-June.

This time, the exhibition for the first time the game will present a session `PC Gaming show` which is specialized developers of PC games comes with new game exhibition

Party organizer E3 2015 will be announced at least 10 PC game developers will be present at the event. Including game developers Guild Wars and Total War. Similarly, as reported by Gamespot page.

The developers previously had already been rumored to be present at the session PC Gaming Show. Here’s a list of 10 developers who will be present:

ArenaNet (Guild Wars)
CCP Games (Eve Online)
Creative Assembly (Total War, Alien: Isolation)
Fullbright (Gone Home)
Frictional Games (SOMA)
Frontier Developments (Elite Dangerous, Zoo Tycoon)
Nexon (Maple Story)
Pixel Titans (Strafe)
SCS Software (Euro Truck Simulator)
Splash Damage (Dirty Bomb, rumored Gears of War Remaster)

PC Gaming Show its own session will be held on Tuesday, June 16th at 17:00 local time.

While E3 2015 will be held from June 16 to 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Some leading game publisher from Nintendo, Square Enix, until Bethesda Softworks was going mejeng in the prestigious game event.